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  3. About Us

    Guangzhou Keli New Energy Co., Ltd was founded in 2006. The head office is located in the Keli energy saving industrial park, Science City, Huangpu, Guangzhou. Mainly engaged in intelligent refrigeration (heat pump) equipment system research and development, design, production, sale, installation and after-sales service of high-tech enterprises. We are committed to the development and application of new energy products, relying on the platform of intelligent energy management and control system, based on accurate and comprehensive operation data. Adopting advanced life cycle management concept, focusing on the development and production of high...

    Coal modification project

    Coal modification project

    Coal modification Nowadays, haze is becoming more and more serious. Coal pollution has a great impact on the formation of fog and haze. PM2.5 has 6 important sources: soil dust, coal combustion, biomass combustion, automobile exhaust and wa...

    How to choose a heat pump water heate

    How to choose a heat pump water heate

    1. Composition and function of heat pump water heater There are two main parts of the heat pump water heater: first, the main engine of the heat pump is also called the outer machine. The structure of the heat pump is basically the same as...



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